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Some things to know before getting your tattoo

  • Be sure that the area you would like to receive your tattoo is free of cuts, bruises, sun burns, etc
  • Avoid alcohol up to 48 hours before receiving a tattoo. Alcohol not only thins the blood, but can increase the chances of bleeding more during your tattoo session
  • Please do not take Ibuprofen as it is known by the brand name Advil or Motrin. However, Acetaminophen is known by the brand name Tylenol is okay (please check with your doctor first)
  • Pain sensitivity is different for everyone and varies based on where the tattoo is placed on your body. We can stop at any time, please just let your artist know
  • Although you can shave before your tattoo, it's not necessary. Your tattoo artist will shave the area themselves if needed
  • Wear loose or proper clothing

Tattoo Aftercare

Congratulations on your new tattoo! You spent some time deciding to get your tattoo, be sure to spend some time properly taking care of it, too.

Leave the bandage on for about 5 hours after receiving your tattoo or you are ready to clean.

Before you start, make sure your hands are clean and you have unscented antibacterial soap ready.

  • Carefully remove the bandage
  • Gently wash your tattoo in a circular motion with unscented antibacterial soap and lukewarm water about two times per day. Either allow your skin to air dry or gently pat dry with a paper towel
  • Apply a thin layer of healing ointment, such as Aquaphor, over the entire surface of the tattoo about three to five times a day for the first 5-7 days. Once the tattoo begins to heal, you can begin moisturizing your tattoo with hypoallergenic lotion for another 1-2 weeks
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo as often as possible while the tattoo is healing
  • Keep your tattoo clean and dry for the first 3 weeks. Avoid submerging the tattoo area in water such as swimming or hot tubs. Showers are good
  • Do not scratch or pick at your tattoo

There is a chance that your tattoo will still bleed over the next few days. If this happens, gently pat with a clean paper towel. Do not wipe the tattoo or be rough with it as it is still sensitive and healing. Do not panic if you see colors of the tattoo on the paper towel or as you clean it, the excess ink is lifting to the surface of your skin.

Your tattoo should heal within 4 - 5 weeks.

Please note:

It is normal if your skin becomes swollen, red or tender after receiving the tattoo. If you notice that your skin indicates any inflection, please consult with a doctor.