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"Art is expressed through one individual, but when it's put out into the world, it brings people together by inspiring them and allowing them to relate to others."

Lauren has always enjoyed art, but she took the traditional path of attending college for Psychology and then obtaining a personal training certification. She was born in northeast Pennsylvania, grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, and has lived in Florida for several years. She was involved in dance from the age of five, later became a part of elite choral groups, and started college with a focus in communications. She had always dreamed of being involved in the arts in some way, but doubted that she could have a reliable career. After becoming a mom to two children, she became motivated by her husband Chris to follow her heart, and is now apprenticing under him to tattoo. She has always loved to draw and paint, but she is now learning how to create art digitally as well. Lauren is inspired by nature and likes pronounced line work, vibrant colors, and illustrative qualities, so she is drawn to the neo traditional style of tattooing.

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