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Chris started drawing at a young age, and as he grew, his curiosity and passion for art grew as well. In addition to tattooing, he is talented in many different mediums, such as painting, sculpting, and digital art. He started his career in Florida and has experience tattooing in different areas of the country. In Philadelphia and New Jersey, Chris enjoyed working with and learning from some of the top names in the industry. Chris can create custom works of art in a range of styles, and specializes in realism. He has a unique ability, through his view of the world, to capture the details of each piece. Whether it is bright, saturated color or contrasting black and grey, Chris has high standards for the work he creates. He does not like to remain stagnant, and is constantly researching and applying the best way to produce outstanding pieces of art in the safest, most effective and long lasting way. He has won multiple tattoo awards including First Place Medium Black and Grey, First Place Best Large Color, First Place Best Movie, Best of Day, and Second place Best Black and Grey. Chris is naturally friendly and outgoing, and he ensures that his clients feel comfortable, respected, and happy. When designing and building Black Heart Tattoo, which has been a dream of his for some time, he took careful consideration of both the artist and the client's experience.

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